Astin Booksigning in Bloomington, MN
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From the folks at the Minnesota Tolkien Society:

Sean Astin’s down home goodness was no greater than when he spoke with and signed autographs for the crowd of over 700 people last night at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Stephen, a manager at Barnes and Noble, the host of last night’s event, said that alot of celebrities come through, but none more genuine and friendly than Sean. Even one of the Mall Security assigned to escort him and his family noted that he was just a real nice guy.

Sean had just returned from New Zealand last week, and had brought his family with him to Minnesota. While Sean talked, they went on rides in Knott’s Camp Snoopy indoor theme park.

Sean was excited to receive a shirt from the Minnesota Tolkien Society (promoting the Return of the Trilogy event), and wore it the whole night, even after he finished signing over 700 autographs for 3 hours straight.

The Return of the Trilogy showing tickets on New Year’s Eve are available here.