It’s time to open the nominations for the One Ring Awards, to be held at The One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, CA on January 15, 2005. Half the awards will be for events held at the convention, such as the Art Show, Fan Film Festival and the Costume contest. The other half will be voted on by you, the best LOTR fans on the net. Please send all nomination submissions to: using the format asked for, thank you. Entries will only be accepted until December 10th, 2004.

1 – Best Tolkien based Lecture or Paper presented at an Academic function (i.e. Marquette, Oxenmoot, etc) in 2004. Please list the event presented at, name of the scholar presenting and if known, the title of the paper or lecture. If you do not know the exact title, summarize the lecture or paper.

2 – Best Tolkien themed book published since the release of FOTR. Please provide the name of the author and provide the title of the book. This would be for any book released between December of 2001, until November of 2004.

3 – Best Performance by a LOTR actor/actress in a Motion Picture (LOTR Trilogy excluded). Please provide the name of the actor/actress, the film, and the role played. This can be for any film released between December of 2001 and November of 2004.

4 – Best Performance by a LOTR actor/actress in a TV series, Made for TV Movie or Mini-Series on TV. Please provide the name of the actor/actress, the TV series, movie or mini-series title, and the role played, as well as the network and/or country the show airs on. Eligible shows will be from December of 2001 to November of 2004.

5 – Best Fan Fiction (PG-13 or lower, no Slash). Please submit link to the story, the title, and the name of the writer. If possible, how to contact the writer should also be included. This should be a Fan Fic that is currently available on the web so that other fans can view it and then vote on it.

6 – Best Fan site dedicated to a LOTR actor/actress. Please provide a link, and the name of the site and actor/actress it focuses on. This should be a website that is currently in existence so that other fans can see it and vote on it.