Michael Scasserra, Web and Publications Editor for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center writes: We have some exciting LORD OF THE RINGS news to share with you and your readers. On Dec. 3 and 4, the NY-Metropolitan area premiere of Howard Shore’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS SYMPHONY (a symphonic adaptation of his score for all three RINGS films) is taking place at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. This spectacular event will be performed by over 200 performers, including full symphony orchestra and chorus (which will sing in “Elvish”), and will also include projections of storyboard art from the films and illustrations from recent editions of Tolkien’s books. Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore will be in attendance at the Dec. 3 performance, in part for a Q and A with the audience prior to the performance. Questions for the evening will be selected from suggestions submitted via email to ringquestions@njpac.org. We’re hoping you will be able to post this information on your site for LORD OF THE RINGS fans.

Here’s a link to our home page, which includes information on this event.

Here’s a link directly to the LORD OF THE RINGS SYMPHONY page on our site, with all the details on the performances.

Here’s a link to our exclusive interview with Mr. Shore, in which he discusses his work on the trilogy and his adaptation of the score to symphonic format.