“So began a battle that none had expected; and it was called the Battle of Five Armies, and it was very terrible.”

Tolkien builds his simple adventure tale to its final climax, and it proves to be a startling one.

Things seem completely hopeless, and war between the elves of Mirkwood, the men of Lake Town and the Dwarves (including Thorin and all his kin) appears unavoidable. Just when the situation couldn’t look darker, it gets a whole lot worse. Goblins and Wild Wolves from the Misty Mountains arrive to slaughter and destroy, and make Smaug’s famed horde their own. War has begun.

Will the dwarves, elves and men be able to set aside their differences and unite against a common enemy? What part does Gandalf play in the battle? How well does Bard meet this new challenge? And what of Bilbo? Join us this weekend in #thehalloffire as we look at “The Hobbit: Chapter 17 – The Clouds Burst”

Upcoming topics:

11/20 and 11/21:
“If I lived in Middle Earth”: Which of Tolkien s characters would you like to be?

11/27 and 11/28:
The Hobbit: Chapter 18: The Return Journey and Chapter 19: The Last Stage

12/4 and 12/5:
Concerning Hobbits Everything you ever wanted to know

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