Sean Astin will once again be touring the US and one stop in London in the next few months. He is promoting his book “There and Back Again : An Actor’s Tale”. Follow the links below for more information!

11/22/2004: 7:00 PM Friends Select School Philadelphia, PA
11/23/2004: 5:30 PM Barnes & Noble – Mall of America Bloomington, MN
11/29/2004: 1:00 PM Forbidden Planet Megastore London, England

12/2/2004: 3:30 PM Dark Delicacies Burbank, CA
12/2/2004: 7:00 PM Borders Westwood, CA
12/8/2004: University Bookstore Seattle, WA
12/9/2004: Powell’s Portland, OR
12/10/2004: 7:00 PM A Clean Well Lighted Place San Francisco, CA
12/11/2004: 2:00 PM Book Passage San Francisco, CA

1/25/2005: 7:00 PM Kuss Auditorium Springfield, OH