JadeValour writes: Last year I was given the wonderful gift of being able to be in New Zealand for the ROTK World Premiere festivities (and at the Return of the Ringers Party).

I am a singer/songwriter, and shortly before I came to NZ I wrote and recorded a demo of a song inspired by Elijah (“Elijah’s Song”) with my friend and fellow musician Ken Norris. I actually had the magical experience of meeting Elijah at the Los Angeles airport, as he was on the same Air New Zealand flight to Auckland as I was, and I was able to give him the CD personally, along with a film script I had co-written containing a lead role written for him (the script is now with two major film studios in the States and has been passed on to some major people in the film industry). A number of CDs of the song were also auctioned off at the TORn Party.

I have just put a new presentation website online with my music, and there is a special page on the site especially for LOTR fans, with “Elijah’s Song” that they can listen to for free, dedications, a photo Elijah graciously let me take of him at the airport, and two direct links to the donation pages of Cancer Research UK.

Elijah has so generously been supporting Cancer Research in Britain and elsewhere, and I wanted to support him in this endeavor somehow, so this special page has been included on my site, in the hope that the fans would enjoy the song and possibly even make a small donation.

In this way a contribution could be made to this wonderful cause that I alone would financially not be able to make. The direct link to this page is jade-ov-arcc.com/elijah

So many people have friends and family who have suffered or died of cancer. For me, this page is a special gift to my friend Rosie in London who has suffered from breast cancer twice. She has a wonderful husband and two beautiful teenage daughters who she would like to see grow up and have children of their own. If this page and song helps her, and others, in any way, then I’m honored to do this – for them, and in honor of Elijah’s committment to this cause. (I originally wanted to offer a free download, but I could not have afforded it, so the next best alternative was a ‘free listen’.)

I’d be most grateful if you could publicize this information through TheOneRing.net, Michael. Thanky you so much.