EXCLUSIVE UPDATE RINGERS is Ready for the World (Almost)!

Greetings — Cliff Broadway ‘Quickbeam’ here. The time has come to celebrate, for we have completed the first rough cut of RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS.

The camera crew has put away the equipment and bright lights. We worked through an intense period of post-production to bring the film together in the best possible way, with music cues, motion graphics, animated segments, and a ton of extra visuals.

Thanks to the hard work of director Carlene Cordova and editor Arnaud Gerardy, RINGERS is a complete feature film that now runs just over an hour and half. However, we have not locked down the “final cut” just yet! It is still subject to changes (as we have learned something watching Peter Jackson assemble and re-edit his films right up the last possible minute — Carlene & Arnaud understand how THAT feels). Our film was cultivated from over 150 total hours of footage — from our extended trips to 16 major cities on 3 continents. Great numbers!

We are very proud of our work — it is a “feel good” movie that really feels good. It will stands as a celebration of over five decades of people being in love with one piece of literature (and subsequent movies). We anticipate a world premiere for RINGERS in January 2005 at an upcoming film festival. Please check out website and sign up for our newsletter for the latest announcements.

Stay tuned for more details!

Much too hasty,

Cliff Broadway ‘Quickbeam’
RINGERS Producer, Writer, Interviewer

Ringers: Lord of the Fans
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