Cat writes: I just thought I would write up an little report about the event I went to this weekend. Master of the Ring. I had been looking forward to this event for an long time and although there was no huge guests accounced I like talks and workshops and it promised to be by the fan for the fans.I started to go wrong the very first day Jed had pulled out no accouncement had been made even on the forum he was just missing from the website.

I got to the event on the saturday early to help out and was given an job all the stewards and p.a’s were not told about anything that was going on that day or what to do we were given the same programme as the normal ticket buyer. After this the people who oragaised the event disappeared I rarely saw them and was left to wonder at times why an 15 year old was left by herself at times to deal with passes and money.

All the guests were great as normal but all looked worn out. Craig Parker seemed to be holding the show together and on the saturday while we were all queuing up for the autography session to start he came out to tell us what was going on even though many people had to ask the people on the door what was going on and of course they did not know.

I heard any reports of the hotel rooms being dirty and a lot of disappointed people. From the promised workshops and sessions only one was there that of an costume workshop done on saturday by an fan on stage.

To be honest the main reason I’m writing this is as an warning to other fans these people are doing an event called Ring Fest in the u.s please don’t go you will be wasting your money.