Amka writes: In an historical alliance, Hobbits and Elves, Men and Dwarves, Wizards and even Orcs will be combining forces to help the music department of one Jackson Elementary, an inner city school in Salt Lake City, Utah. Said to be of uncommon merit, this program teaches music and violin to every student, regardless of income.

Our allies include:

*Howard Shore: He has donated a sheet of the score that he has personally signed to the cause.

*Sideshow Weta: They have offered the Smeagol Bust (a sold out Comic-Con exclusive), the Golden Hall, and the Morgul Lord (retired and sold out).

*Badali Jewelry: They provide for us the rings Vilya and Gollum.

*And many, many more.

These items shall be sold at a silent auction to occur at the dinner portion of the Gala.

Tickets include great seats at the Lord of the Rings Symphony, preceded by dinner at one of Salt Lake’s premiere restaurants: Bambaras. Because of the gracious discounts given to us by both the Utah Symphony & Opera and Bambaras, you would be hard pressed to find such an evening for the $75 ticket price, but the ticket also includes a generous donation to Jackson Elementary School’s music department. Door prizes will be handed out to a special few, and every attendee will receive a special thank you gift.

Tickets for the October 29th event can be bought through the Utah Symphony & Opera by calling (801) 533-NOTE (6683). Ask for the Gala Tickets.

Dress is semi-formal or do feel welcome to wear your costumes! We’ll be walking to the Symphony after dinner, and television news crews have been alerted to the invasion.

For more information, visit

Into the West is a registered non-profit organization. All donations through purchase of the tickets will be tax deductible.