Lord of the Rings Charity Auction raising money for World Vision Day with help from the film trilogy cast.

DME Partnership the producers of the 2005 Lord of the Rings wall calendar “Discover England’s Two Towers’ have teamed up with the charity SeeAbility (the Royal School for the Blind), to raise money for the charity and increase awareness.

Money is being raised through a charity auction of a ‘Discover England’s Two Tower’s’ Calendar which was kindly signed by twelve of the films cast including Karl Urban (Eomer) and Bernard Hill (King Theoden) plus the two main conceptual artists Alan Lee and John Howe.

The auction is on now at online and will end on Sunday 24th October with bids starting at just #0.99. All money will be donated to the charity SeeAbility.

The “Discover England’s Two Towers” 2005 Wall Calendar is part of a limited run of just 2000, and is one of only two in the world to be signed by the Lord of the Rings cast. The calendar features stunning colour photographs and fascinating descriptions of locations in England that JRR Tolkien used as his inspiration for Middle-Earth in his books such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

For photographs of the cast and crew whose signatures feature on this calendar, see our webpage at here.

If unsuccessful in the auction, you can still help SeeAbility and get your hands on a non-signed calendar. Purchase them from http://www.discovermiddleearth.co.uk and we will donate 50p to SeeAbility for all calendars sold on the website before November 1st 2004.

About SeeAbility

DiscoverMiddleEarth.co.uk has chosen SeeAbility as its 2004 charity of choice and all money raised by this auction will be donated to them.

SeeAbility works with people who are blind or partially sighted and have additional disabilities, such as learning or physical disabilities. They provide residential accommodation, activity and resource centres and support in a person’s own home. Their aim is to help individuals discover their potential by encouraging independence and helping them develop new skills. For more information visit www.seeability.org

Full Cast Signature Listing

Karl Urban – Eomer
Bernard Hill – King Theoden
Mark Ferguson – Gil Galad
Sandro Kopp – Gildor
Bruce Hopkins – Gamling
Cameron Rhodes – Farmer Maggot
Sarah McLeod – Rosie Cotton
Craig Parker – Haldir
Jarl Benzon – Glorfindel
Jorn Benzon – Rumil
Jed Brophy – Shark/Sharga
Lawrence Makoare – Lutz/Witchking/Gothmog