Liane writes: I’m a journalist (I’ve written for Entertainment Weekly, the LA Times, etc.) currently writing a book about the influence of pop culture on our lives, and I’m hoping to interview a LOTR fan, preferably one located in or around Los Angeles,

I’m looking for someone who can go beyond simply explaining why the books and/or films are entertaining. I’m hoping to find someone who can articulate why LOTR resonates deeply with them on a personal level, and has a story to tell about it. Has Frodo’s fortitude in the face of insurmountable odds ever been an inspiration, for example? Have sites like this one helped you create lasting friendships (or even romantic relationships) that you would have never discovered otherwise? Do you feel the books and/or films have changed the way you view the world in any way?

I should note – I’m only looking for ONE LOTR fan, and that person has an entire chapter devoted to their story, so it requires a little bit of time (most of the interview is conducted via e-mail, with an in-person interview at a later date) and reflection. Also, I am currently working with a professional photographer, though it’s undecided as yet how many people will be photographed for the book.

If you’re interested, please contact me at and tell me a little bit about why LOTR is important to you (and, of course, let me know if you have any questions). Thanks! Liane