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The site I’ve photgraphed is new in the last 3 weeks and is located on Queens Drive in Lyall Bay across from Wellington airport on the south coast. I literally live on the street next door, and less than 300m from the construction site. (I also look across the bay to the airport where I can still see the massive Gollum on the roof of the airport terminal reaching for a ring, but that’s another story!)

Back to the site. The land was empty until shipping containers starting being stacked a few weeks ago, after which the framework started going up. One of the workers there just this morning confirmed that they are indeed building a film set for King Kong, “constructing rock walls”, and the blue screen is plainly obvious.

The site is fenced with “chicken wire” as you’ll see in a couple of the shots, and only small scrub and trees separate it from the main coast road. I took the shots from across the road, well on public land in case you’re wondering.

Photo “1” is looking south at the entrance to the site. The airport and Lyall Bay is off to my left, the road also heads past the set to the left and a steep bank flanks the site on the right side, which you’ll see in photo “2”. The rest are reasonably self explanetory.

The photos were taken yesterday – Wednesday 6 October here in NZ.

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