“Under the Mountain dark and tall, The King has come unto his hall! His foe is dead, the Worm of Dread, And ever so his foes shall fall.”

“And ever so his foes shall fall” … or so the Dwarves think.

After hearing of Smaug’s death by an old trusted friend, the Dwarves are euphoric, revelling in treasure-lust. But the reality of a large host of unified Men and Wood Elves gathered below the mountain for their just rewards only reveals the stubborn necks of the Dwarves and hints at their possible death.

With Bard as their leader, how do the Lakemen now appear? Should the Men and Elves have chosen a different approach when they came to parley with the Dwarves? What is the responsibility of the Dwarves toward the two parties? Will Bilbo’s stomach save Thorin and Company once again?

Come join us for #halloffire as we discuss The Hobbit, Chapter 15: The Gathering of the Clouds

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10/9/04, 10/10/04: Tom Bombadil
10/16/04, 10/17/04: The Hobbit: Chapter 16: A Thief in the Night
10/23/04, 10/24/04: Political Systems in Middle Earth
10/30/04, 10/31/04: The Nazgul/Ringwraiths
11/6/04m 11/7/04: The Hobbit: Chapter 17: The Clouds Burst

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