Cati writes: Hi I just wanted to tell everyone about the lord of the rings concert in London at the albert hall that took place last night as there is nothing about it on your site already. It was really amazing v I’d never been to the royal albert hall before it was really pretty. Typically there was loads of traffic that night and we only arrived 1 minute before the orchestra came on stage. The whole hall was packed even the standing places at the top. We booked the day the tickets went on sale and had some of he best seats in the house right down near the front right opposite where Howard Shore was conducting.

In the first half they played 2 movements both from fotr including the prophecy concerning hobbits lothlorien and many meetings. It was really amazing. The choir were London voices and some boys from the London oratory school( the were so sweet) and fantastic singers. This is a bit depressing as I’m much older and will never be able to sing as well. The playing was done by the London philharmonic. The solos in the second half were sung by sissel who was very good although perhaps not as good as annie lennox for into the west. In the second half they played the other 4 movements for the other 2 movies. At the end there was a standing ovation from the whole audiences shore and sissel had to come on stage again 4 times to bow unfortunately no amount of clapping, screaming or whistling provoked an encore.

My friend and I waited at the stage door after the concert with a huge amount of other people several wearing cloaks and many more wearing their one rings. After much waitig and fot stamping(it was very cold) howard shore finally put in an appearance. At this point I was slowly becoming crushed as the crowd all took a few steps forward. My friend gave up and went nearer the back to get pictures on my mobile while I tried to closer without being starved of oxygen. I heard one woman yell as we were being asked to take yet another step back “we do appreciate this you know”.

Finally the moment came and he took my tickets to sign and I yelled “you can have 2 more flautists anytime you want them!” I don’t know whether he heard but I made the offer! It was about 23:00 by the time we were on our back home after an amazing night.