Neil writes: Huge fan of the site! Wanted to bring to your attention a LOTR/Tolkien seminar in the Denver/Boulder CO region that desperately needs attention. It’s endorsed by Michael Tolkien but hasn’t been well advertised and is in danger of being cancelled. I got a call from the person organizing it because I am a local Lord of the Rings junkee and have connections to fanbases, etc. and I’m asking for you to get a quick word out on if at all possible. You can make reference to which has all information including cost and registration information. Help me One Ring.Net- you’re my only hope!

Here’s the information:

It’s entitled: “Unlocking the Lord of the Rings: A Seminar by JRR Tolkien Expert Joseph Pearce”
Dates: Saturday October 2nd and Sunday October 3rd
Cost: $20 for two days!

The Details:

Acclaimed author Joseph Pearce visits Longmont for seminar

“Pearce is adept …at showing that while it is possible to enjoy the work (The Lord of the Rings) without sharing the beliefs, one cannot ignore the positive and aesthetic effects of Christian orthodoxy and the appropriateness of Tolkien’s coherent myth for expressing these.”
Michael Tolkien

Since its “discovery” by college students in the 1960’s JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has captured the imaginations of millions. One only has to remember sales that have reached into the millions of copies as well as its perennial place at the top of readers’ popularity polls to realize the tremendous impact of Tolkien’s work. Now Peter Jackson’s award-winning movies have re-introduced a younger generation to the adventures of hobbits and elves, so that many are reading the books for the first time.

You are cordially invited on an intriguing discovery of the magic and power behind The Lord of the Rings. Acclaimed speaker Joseph Pearce, the author of over a dozen books, is known worldwide as a person with perceptive insight and understanding of both Tolkien the man as well as the stirring myth that has captured the imaginations of every generation. Pearce’s books Tolkien: Man and Myth and Tolkien: A Celebration will be available at the Unlocking the Lord of the Rings seminar at discount prices to registrants.

Seminar Schedule:

Saturday, Oct. 2 – Raintree Conference Center (Longmont)

7 pm: “The Man Behind the Myth” The life and loves of JRR Tolkien and why he described himself as a “hobbit.” Intermission (wine and cheese or soft drinks)

8.30 pm:: “The Myth Behind the Man” Why did Tolkien believe in the profound relationship between myth and truth?

Sunday, Oct. 3 – Silver Creek HS Auditorium (Longmont)

10.45 am: “The Truth Behind the Myth” An investigation of the truths about our world. Why did Tolkien himself call LOTR a “fundamentally religious” work?