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Cold Spring Press is pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited parody to The Silmarillion – D.R. Lloyd’s The Sillymarillion (ISBN 1-59360-025-9, $11.00, 168 pp).  

From the back cover:  

Blasphemy! Heresy! Not since Bored of the Rings has there been such a blatant desecration of the sacred works of J.R.R. Tolkien! True fans of Middle-earth, rise up against this upstart and his distorted retelling of The Silmarillion. No self-respecting Dark Lord would ever enter a rapping competition, nor would beautiful elf-maidens ever behave like this! The greatest tragic love story in fantasy history was not made possible through the efforts of a ferret, nor were the great battles of the First Age covered by TV news crews! D.R. Lloyd’s The Sillymarillion dares to be the first and only – and therefore we can claim without contradiction – the funniest,  most outrageous parody of the good professor’s great posthumous masterpiece.

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The action begins in the land of Valium, an idyllic paradise, but now the tranquility has been shattered by the theft of the magical Siliputi by the Dark Lord Mostgoth. The King of the Neuter has vowed revenge and his people have rebelled against the gods themselves. Fleeing to the continent of Myrtle-earth in pursuit of their enemy, the Neuter become embroiled in a long and boring war.

The reader will encounter spoiled Elven princesses, cross-dressing gods, and
rodents possessed by malevolent spirits, but these will all somehow seem strangely familiar…

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