Shayna C writes:

Hello everyone, I went to the Symphony last night down in Albuquerque. It was fantastic. The space was very nice and the acoustics were wonderful. I attended the Houston Symphony back in July, which was fabulous as well.

At this performance I think that the choirs were much better, particularly because they were louder or the mics were closer to them. The boy soloist was very good. He sang all the high notes perfectly.

His part immediately after Gandalf falls at The Bridge of Khazad Dum was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. The boys’ choir with him was wonderful and the little ones were so cute. The female soloist here was, in my opinion, much better then Sissel. While Sissel was very good, she didn’t sing with the feeling that this woman did. Unfortunately I do not know her name because for some reason it was not in the program. My mother and I both cried during her performance of Into the West. Gollum’s song, one of my favorites, was also very well done.

The symphony of course was great and the conductor, Alexander Mickelhwate, was as fun to watch this time as he was in Houston. The lights added great effects and the drawings of Alan’s and John’s were great once again!

If any of you have not already seen this show, I highly recommend it if it is anywhere close to you. If you are in New Mexico, there is another showing on Sunday September 19, 2004!