aragornwriter writes: This is taken from a Belgian newspaper: Howard Shore prefers Belgian Radio Orchestra for score “The Aviator”

After eight executive days of hard work, the Flemish Radio Orchestra has finished taping the score for “The Aviator”, the new movie of the renowned director Martin Scorsese with Leonardo diCaprio. The music is from multiple Oscar winner Howard Shore, who also composed the music for “The Lord of the Rings”. Shore personally directed the recordings that took place in Leuven, Belgium.

“The two hour lasting tape with recordings has been sent to Scorsese who was thrilled. Every night there was a video conference with the director to discuss what was happening. Then changes were executed at his request. From the many details he had in mind and the way he worked with them, we discovered and recognized him for his great talent,” said Flemish Radio Orchestra responsible Gunther Broucke.

The taping took place in Leuven, Belgium in a hall where rehearsals for the VRO (Vlaams Radio Orkest) usually take place. Especially for this movie, technical people of the London Abbey Road Studios have built in some new high technology equipment to get optimal quality for the recordings.

The Flemish Radio Orchestra earned this honor thanks to composer Howard Shore. He worked together with the orchestra in April of this year, when they performed the music of “The Lord of the Rings” in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. The concert was a huge hit. Shore said in several interviews afterwards that he was thrilled with the quality of the orchestra.