OOooooh, so many have written in about the “LOTR turnoff for girls” post, I thought it worth a second post. First of all, I’m a girl and I *love* LOTR, so don’t yell at me for Penguin’s poll 🙂 — maegwen

To speak for all of us out there, here is another point of view: “Hello, this is Araeph, reporting to you from the Protectors of the Plot Continuum message board, which promotes the respectful treatment of the LotR plot and characters in fanfiction. The article I’m sending you contrasts directly with the “LotR a Turn-Off to Girls?” article posted recently on “Errr, I don’t think so” was an apt comment.

“This was published awhile ago, but I think that it may be worth a look. It stemmed from an erroneous Lord of the Rings quiz in YM. The quiz riled several of our board members when the highest quiz score meant you were branded a “fangirl.” One of the magazine’s writers responded, asking for input from more of us, and we did our best to explain our non-Lego-lusting love for LotR. The article you see is the result.” [More]

So, there!