manicjaguar writes: Wonderful site as usual….Just thought I’d let you know about an article in the September 2004 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. It has the rpg game LOTR: The Third Age on the cover, and inside is a good article about the game. What’s of note is several quotes from the games Executive Producer, Steve Gray. Here’s some excerpts.

(EGM)But even when the final product hits the shelves in November, only New Line and EA will know which plot elements were created from scratch and which are based on actual footage Peter Jackson shot but still hasn’t seen the light of day. “They’re really protective of that footage,” Gray says, “because obviously, they want to make the extended (italics EGM) extended versions someday–in a trilogy box set or whatever. They want to keep the franchise alive for years to come.”………..Thousands of movie production photos line the walls, and hours of footage from the films–some of it not even included in the special extended editions–fill artists’ hard drives.

There’s more, but I thought you’d enjoy that, didn’t know if its been submitted or not though.