Comic-Con 2004 Images
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Melowyn writes: Here’s little more news and few pictures from Comic-Con 2004:


A few more scenes on the EE revealed at the panel on Friday were the drinking contest between Legolas and Gimli (looks very funny!), Theoden accepting Merry’s services into the Rohan army, and Gandalf’s battle with the Witch King (wow!). Billy also mentioned that the scene where he finds Merry on the fields of Pelennor will be different in the EE. It will show him searching throughout the day for his Hobbit pal, and finally finding him after the sun has set. I guess the digital guys were able change the same scene from day to night. They also showed us a hilarious bit taken from interviews of Dom and Viggo about Oscar night. It won’t be on the EE, but maybe we’ll see it again some other time???

On Saturday, while Dom signed autographs for Lost a few booths away, Billy and David signed at the New Line booth. There was quite a lot of anxiety in the crowd before the signing. New Line announced the signing would begin at 12:00 with the line forming at 11:30. Many of us arrived about 9:30 and spent two hours walking the perimeter of the booth and studying the ROTK costumes displayed there, waiting for the moment that the line would form. By 11:30 there was a HUGE crowd around the New Line booth hoping to get tickets for the signing. Unfortunately many of those waiting were not able to get a ticket.

When things finally began, Billy and David were very gracious and took the time to speak to the fans and personalize their autographs. Both were extraordinarily patient and friendly. They did are quick interview, took a short lunch break for pizza, and then returned to continue signing for several more hours. Dom showed up, too, to say hello to Billy and David, making the day even more exciting. To top it off, I believe that New Line passed out more tickets, and David and Billy stayed longer than expected to make sure that everyone was able to get an autograph. Very classy gentlemen.

In the meantime, Dom walked around the exhibit hall and checked out some of the great deals. He smiled at fans, signed a few autographs and posed for some pictures. What a nice guy!

At the far end of the exhibit hall, Sala was at the Ringers booth also signing autographs and talking with the crowd. Quickbeam and his crew were there with some clips from the Ringers film, which looks fantastic.

It was really an incredible day!

As an aside, apparently there’s a rumor going around that the ROTK Extended DVD will be released on December 10. Laura from New Line who MC’d the panel on Friday night said she doesn’t even know the date yet and it definitely won’t be the 10th because that’s a Friday. New Line DVD’s are not released on Fridays.