mfissori writes: I got back from the san diego comic-con earlier tonight and man, let me tell you, the Rotk ee presentation was fantastic.

David Wenham and Billy Boyd were there and they were hilarious.

The crowd went completely NUTS for all of the new clips. But, because the crowd was so loud I had trouble catching all of the dialogue.

The dialogue’s not word for word and this is not the order in which the clips were shown. I’ll just try to get down everything I can remember.


– Shots of Saruman on top of Orthanc, saying things like “something festers in the heart of middle-earth” , “you are all going to die”, ” I want no pity or mercy!”, saruman shooting flames from his staff (I know this sounds kinda hokey but I thought it looked pretty good)

– Frodo/Sam/Gollum approaching the crossroads. we see sam looking at something and then there is a closeup (pics of which have already appeared online) of the statue’s head and it’s crown

– frodo/sam in orc costumes marching with orcs, big orc yelling “move on!”

– Merry saying “I know there isn’t much hope, I know I can’t do much. I’m just a hobbit. But I want to help”

– Mouth of sauron rides out, there is a closeup on his mouth (which looked pretty gross) as he says ” I have a token I was bidden to show thee” and then he reveals frodo’s mithril vest and throws it down to the ground. then there is a closeup of pippin who says “frodo…”

– Eowyn in bed at edoras, Aragorn is walking away from her but before he can get too far she reaches out and takes his hand.

– eomer grieving for eowyn (seen in theatrical trailer)

– sam in mordor looking at the dark, red lit sky telling mr. frodo that he sees a light.

– aragorn picks up flaming palantir and says something, the only word I caught was “Elendil”

– gandalf riding up to witch king making threats, something about sending it into the abyss, witch king responds with his own threat while his sword becomes enflamed.

– misc. new shots of the siege of gondor, orcs using small battering ram, fell beast swooping in and picking up soldiers

– eowyn fighting gothmog (the one eyed orc captain)

– faramir telling pippin about his childhood, boromir, and his father. pippin says that faramir has ” a different kind of strength” and that his father will see it eventually.

– Eowyn and Faramir hold hands and nuzzle at the houses of healing (women in the audience went especially nuts for this scene.)

– aragorn/legolas/gimli run away from an avalanche of skulls in the paths of the dead

I think this covers most of the new footage shown.

oh, and it was confirmed multiple times that the EE comes out in December. so far away 🙁