If you’re in Pittsburgh or were planning to go there for the Howard Shore LOTR concert on July 31, how about joining other Ringers for dinner beforehand? Diamond Took writes:

“On July 31, 2004, there will be an Overlithe Dinner to celebrate Howard Shore conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for “An Evening in Middle-earth”. It is featuring the recipes of my cookbook, and is a fundraiser to benefit the symphony. It’s from 4-6pm. The details are here

“The tickets are very limited and only available until July 27, 2004, but I thought that there could be people from out of town coming in that weekend for the concerts (there are three) and may also want to attend the dinner.

“The Pittsburgh Symphony goes all over the world and does a lot of free concerts and benefits for a variety of organizations all the time, and this time, we wanted to show them that Lord of the Rings fans are very grateful that they opted for the show with Howard, and that we appreciate them.”