I went to the premiere of the documentary “Frodo Is Great …Who Is That???” which was on at the Auckland film festival. It was good to see other hardcore Figwit fans turning up for it, and hear them all laughing throughout.

TORN features quite heavily in the movie, as do of course the women who started the Figwit craze, not to mention Bret McKenzie himself, the man behind the Elven pout. Of course! More of a surprise was the extent to which people like Peter Jackson, Barrie Osborne, Mark Ordesky, the Hobbit boys and Orlando Bloom got into the spirit of the whole thing in their interviews. They were hilarious!

The whole Figwit phenomenon was very strange and very funny. We’ve forgotten how unusual it seemed at the time – a playful spoof of a celebrity website that ended up attracting the notice of the world media. If you think you’ve got used to the Net and everything it can do, this film is a great reminder of the strange and wonderful community we have made for ourselves online. It shows you how much a few individuals can do to make the world a more fun place.

The movie screens again in Auckland on Sunday at 11:15am, and then goes to the Wellington film festival where it’ll show twice on Friday July 30th and Saturday 31st. More details here.

And just for poops and giggles here’s a Figwit Lego Minimate sent in by Gregg!