Deni writes: Well it seems that the Dominion Post agrees with my assessment that Miramar is becoming one huge film studio. The front page of their weekend business section was all about the various Peter Jackson Projects in the area, which along with Stone Street and Park Road Post include the refurbishment of an old cinema and a rumoured King Kong boat in the harbour. See their official Dominion Post site for the full article.

They also report that filming is to begin in a couple of months rather than next month as earlier thought. From the state of the new Stone Street soundstage I think they may be right. Although work is progressing rapidly it’s only about half finished externally, so I don’t see them having it finished in 2 weeks. The blue screen is up though and very very blue it is, you can see it for miles.

Also PJ related was an article in the Wellingtonian about a local filmaker who has filmed a short animated film about trying to get PJ to give her a job. Apparently after much letter writing and telephone calls she decided to use her struggles for inspiration.

Well I’m off to enjoy the Wellington film festival. Anyone in the area, I definitely recommend going to see as much as you can while it’s on.