Orlando Bloom on the set of 'Elizabethtown'

TheBatFreak writes:

I actually decided to head over to Versailles after work today and was very glad to get a chance to see Orlando doing some shots down Main St. Pretty cool!

I live 25 minutes west of Versailles where shooting was done today. Much of the shoot was of Orlando in car that was being pulled by a camera truck straight down Main St. Versailles. There were about 5 guys on the back of the truck running cameras/gear and there was a side camera that swung out to the outside of the drive side door.

Orlando himself did a lot of the shots during the day but in the afternoon his double did them. Late in the day Orlando returned to the area for more shots. I was only able to get there for the latter part of the day but saw Orlando doing the work and the like at the “starting point” of the shot.

What is kind of cool is that they changed a bunch of the signs in Versailles to read Elizabethtown. Right where I parked, which was on the other side of where the starting point for the shot was, they changed the Versailles Presbyterian Church to the Elizabethtown Church. They did this simply with a sticker. Other signs in some places were totally replaced signage.

There were tons of extras all over so, since I wasn’t one, once the shot was ready to be done again I had to move back a bit. I was probably within 50 feet of Orlando at any given time and could clearly see and tell it was him.

Honestly, it’s just kind of cool to see such a big star close to home. Actually too, the big race scene in Seabiscuit where Seabiscuit wins was shot at Keeneland just 10 minutes from me too. Those of us in KY are proud to have some coverage of our beautiful state!