Rosie writes: Last night I was at The Bourne Supremacy premier. This is an incredible action flick. You are only allowed to relax for a few minutes toward the end. Karl Urban plays a devious hit man out for Jason Bourne’s head. Personally, I think he is quite a scene-stealer and, from what I hear, quite a driver too.

After the film, they shut down part of Vine, at Hollywood, to accommodate a few blocks of food, bars, DJs and the nicest porta-johns I’ve ever seen!

I had a chance to talk to Karl. I tried to convince him to join us all at Comic Con. He was interested but not sure if he could make it down there with his schedule. Who knows, he is in LA until the 23rd… I know I’ve got my fingers crossed about running into him in San Diego. The Bourne Supremacy is a must see on the summer movie roster!