The Silmarils, the Arkenstone, Lembas, the Palantiri, the Elessar, the Rings of Power, Elven weaponry, Morgul blades. Some of Tolkien’s most famous objects were mysterious. Some inspired obsession while others carried legacies.

Powerful objects in Middle-earth’s History

Some were objects of art, while others were maybe magical. Through certain objects, we learn about Tolkien’s love for mythology, while through others, we feel his reverence for spirituality.

What were some of Tolkien’s most famous and most mysterious objects? How did these objects affect history in Middle-earth? What did they do for their owners, and others? What did they bring to Tolkien’s stories?

Come join us in #thehalloffire this week as we discuss Tolkien’s most fascinating objects.

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July 24-25 — Gandalf’s Involvement with the Hobbits
August 7-8 — Middle Earth’s Greatest Cities
August 14-15 — The Hobbit: Chapter 11: On the Doorstep

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