TheBatFreak writes: I live in the Lexington, KY area and the big thing in the news has been the filming of Orlando Bloom for the upcoming movie Elizabethtown. Hollywood’s attempt to keep this secret hasn’t gone to well. The site is just west of us and though it is obvious they are trying to keep things on the down low one can hardly miss all the mysterious traffic, production equipment, etc.

While none of us has actually seen Orlando, confirmation has come in that he IS actually here. One of the production team actually ran past with his shoes which was kind of funny. One of the main scenes being shot is apparently a funeral as there was a nice reddish colored casket being taken out of an area church in the film area.

The town of Elizabethtown, where the movie is supposed to be set, is actually about an hour west of here. We’re not sure at this point if any filming will actually take place there. We’re also kind of surprised that a movie would even be based there. Not much there.