Thain Brandybuck sends in another short report from the NZ Film Festival. He also sends along scans from the booklet cover and the pages with the description of the Lord of the Rings-documentary.

2004 NZ Film Festival Booklet

“Film Festival presents the ultimative making of “Lord of The Rings”

August brings a special opportunity to Canterbury when 87 minutes of new “Lord of The Rings”-footage are exclusively shown at the annual Film Festival.

Costa Botes, a long-time associate of Peter Jackson has shot a making of the “Lord of the Rings”-movies. What is special about this is that he begun the documentation three months before the principal shooting itself begun. The result is over 800 hours of never before seen footage, surpassing the material shown at the Te Papa-exhibition and even that included on the Extended Edition DVDs.

The 28th Christchurch International Film Festival will give Ringers the unique opportunity to see this work in progress. Screening times are 8th and 9th of August 2004 at the Rialto Cinema in Christchurch, New Zealand.”