Deni writes: Well, as I wrote a few weeks ago, there were a few WETA people involved in the local Wellington 48 hour film project, the finals of which were this saturday. As far as the rumours can tell, there was only one group including WETA digital that made it to the finals. Their’s was an interesting story about a relationship which is being threatened by a blow up doll that comes to life. The only real WETA impact that was easily spotted in the film was a morph between the doll and actor, although it is also possible that I just blinked, and some interesting credits. Unfortunately they didn’t win any prizes, and as far as I know it was a completely amateur team that won the competition.

As for the goings on in Miramar, it is actually quite quiet at the moment. Construction races ahead at Stone Street and Park Road Post although the big shipping containers do block the view somewhat, but I’m working on a new place to spy.