Amka writes: I am the secretary of a new organization in Utah called Into the West. We are excited to present a series of lectures on The Cultural Influences of Tolkien. Our first lecture will be on Thursday, June 24th and is entitled Tolkien Influenced. It will be presented by Dr. Don Chapman, an associate professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University. Up and coming lectures include “How Hobbits Beat Harry Potter and Just About Everybody Else, as well as Tolkien Illustrated. These will be held at the Borders Books and Music in Murray. Below is the address.

Borders Books and Music

132 E. Winchester
Murray, UT 84107

As well as lectures we hold monthly reading discussions coupled with humanitarian projects, as well as other BBQs and parties. We have some very exciting events planned for fall including the Hall of Fire: a music, art and writing contest with prizes being awarded by Borders. You can find out more about us at