Repeated Elements in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings

With the recent release of the Return of the King DVD, many of us have revisited the movie and probably the first two as well. Throughout the trilogy, we pickup certain repeated phrases, visual images, actions or scenes that occur in two or even all three of the films.

It’s possible Peter Jackson uses these to emphasise certain themes through his version of Tolkien’s trilogy. For example, PJ has said one theme of the LOTR books is death, and we see repeated scenes that make us all think a character has died, only to see them return. ‘Hope’ is a word that is repeated in various spoken phrases, and possibly, represented visually as well.

How many of these repeated elements can you spot, and what might they mean? Is there a connection between these repeated elements and story themes? And, do they help to make make the separate LOTR films more cohesive as one continuous movie or was PJ getting carried away with his vision?

Come join us this week in the Hall of Fire as we discuss repeated elements and themes in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

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