TORnsib canadanthony writes:

Over on the boards, I have organized a movie awards event decided entirely by TORnsibs via e-mail. The process, which involved a nomination and winner selection round, has been going on since February 2004 and has finally concluded today with the announcement of the winners of the 2004 TORNsib Awards. The trophy depicts, “the ultimate pixelated trophy of the highest geek honour” and is called the TORNie. 52 votes were counted for the nomination round and an impressive 92 votes were counted for the winner selection round. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Here is the official image I created for the awards:

Here is the trophy:

Here are the winners, in bold:

1. Favourite Scene in FOTR
a. Boromir’s death
b. Breaking of the fellowship
c. Bridge of Khazad-dum
d. Council of Elrond
e. Flight to the ford
f. Opening/establishing shots of Shire

2. Favourite Extended Scene in FOTR EE
a. Concerning hobbits
b. At the Green Dragon
c. Lothlorien gift giving
d. Midgewater marshes
e. Passing of the elves

3. Best Performance in FOTR
a. Sean Bean
b. Ian McKellen
c. Elijah Wood

4. Favourite Scene in TTT
a. Ents storm Isengard
b. Fate of Arwen
c. Gandalf’s return charge
d. Riders of Rohan
e. Sam’s speech

5. Best Performance in TTT
a. Bernard Hill
b. Viggo Mortensen
c. Andy Serkis

6. Favourite Extended Scene in TTT EE
a. Elvish rope
b. Ent draught
c. The Huorns
d. One of the Dunedain
e. Sons of the Steward

7. Best Performance in ROTK
a. Sean Astin
b. Billy Boyd
c. Elijah Wood

8. Favourite Scene in ROTK
a. The beacons
b. Charge of the Rohirrim
c. The coronation
d. Faramir’s suicide mission
e. The Grey Havens

9. Favourite Track in Entire LOTR Score
a. F#17: Breaking of the Fellowship
b. F#2: Concerning Hobbits
c. R#19: Into the West
d. R#3: Minas Tirith
e. R#5: The Steward of Gondor

10. Favourite Line in Trilogy
a. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” Gandalf, FOTR
b. “I’m glad to be here with you Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.” Frodo, ROTK
c. “I am no man!” Eowyn, ROTK
d. “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!” Sam, ROTK
e. “Well, I’m back.” Sam, ROTK

11. Favourite Visual Effects Piece
a. The balrog
b. Helm’s Deep
c. Battle of Pelennor Fields
d. Gollum
e. Minas Tirith miniature

12. Favourite Costume
a. Aragorn
b. Arwen (red dress)
c. Boromir
d. Eowyn (white dress)
e. Galadriel (beaded dress)

13. Favourite Set
a. Bag End
b. Edoras
c. Hobbiton
d. Minas Tirith
e. Rivendell

14. Favourite Prop
a. Anduril (Narsil)
b. Gandalf the White’s staff
c. The One Ring
d. Legolas’s quiver and bow
e. Sting (Frodo’s sword)

15. Favourite Geek Moment (Mentioning of History of Middle-earth in films)
a. Prologue, FOTR
b. Lay of Luthien, FOTR EE
c. One of the Dunedain, TTT EE

16. Favourite Score Theme/Leitmotif
a. Fellowship theme
b. Gondor theme
c. Lothlorien theme
d. Rohan theme
e. Shire/hobbit theme

17. Favourite Creature (Besides Gollum)
a. The balrog
b. The fell beasts
c. Treebeard (ents)
d. Oliphaunts
e. Cave troll

18. Favourite Gollum Moment
a. Gollum/Smeagol debate, TTT
b. Forbidden pool, TTT
c. Of herbs and stewed rabbit, TTT
d. Gollum/Smeagol reflection debate, ROTK
e. Reunited with the ring, ROTK

19. Favourite Emotional Scene
a. Boromir’s death, FOTR
b. Coronation scene, ROTK
c. End of all things, ROTK
d. Gandalf’s “death,” FOTR
e. The Grey Havens, ROTK

20. Favourite EE Documentary (FOTR or TTT EEs)
a. A day in the life of a hobbit, FOTR EE
b. Cameras in Middle-earth, FOTR EE
c. The fellowship of the cast, FOTR EE
d. The taming of Smeagol, TTT EE
e. Warriors of the third age, TTT EE