Ringer Tamara writes:

This is an invitation from co-leaders Tamara and
Mariella of the TORn Boston Line Party. Since the
Oscar Party, we have been making plans to organize a
Ringers Moot over Labor Day weekend, including a group
visit to the Boston Museum of Science to view the LOTR
exhibition and would like to invite our RingerSibs to
join us. Tickets for the exhibition are on sale now
(617-723-2500 or http://www.mos.org/lotr/). We are
suggesting Ringers purchase their timed tickets for
Saturday, September 4th at 2PM- or as close to that
time slot, as possible.

As we become more organized, additional information
will be available on Mariella?s website,
Expectopatronvm.com (The page focusing on the Ringers
event at the MOS is located at
http://www.expectopatronvm.com/mos.html) and forum.

We have already included some preliminary information
on the website, but the major planning has only just
begun. Now, we really want to start brainstorming and
form our volunteer team. We plan to offer a whole
weekend of possibilities from September 3-6, so don’t
panic if the 2 PM time slot is sold out!

A small number of potential side-trips are posted on
the website, but we welcome more suggestions about any
different events Ringers are interested in. Also, the
earlier we know how many people are coming, the sooner
we can contact hotels about getting a discounted group
rate- the same with tickets or tours. Many Boston
Ringers have offered to use their influence via family
or work to get discounted passes to local museums,
theatres or concerts, so we can pass those savings on
to you. Please visit the website and join in the
discussion at the forum and we’ll go about giving you
a great trip to Boston!