Ringer Voronda writes:

I am writing to let you know that there is a group of 30+ enthusiastic fans and TORnSibs meeting in Atlanta next week for the LOTR Symphony… There are people coming from as far away as Switzerland for this event!

We have a full agenda planned:

Friday evening:

  • LOTR Symphony
  • Pizza/Movie Outing
  • The group will probably go to see Troy


  • AM: the entire group is going to the Ancient Spirit, Modern Voice: the Mythic Journeys Art Exhibition featuring works from Alan Lee and Viggo Mortensen [More info]
  • Saturday afternoon, yet another symphony outing
  • Saturday evening: the actual TORn Moot Dinner, along with t-shirts, buttons and other giveaways. We had our own t-shirt design contest! See design attached.
  • Saturday night, yet another symphony outing or going to see Harry Potter
  • Saturday night, late. Drinking of ale and singing of hobbit drinking songs.

This will truly be a gathering of special magnificence!