Ringer John from Memphis writes:

The special edition Entertainment Weekly that I received in the mail and that was available to early shoppers at Best Buy had a small column/box stating what the additions to the EE ROTK would be.

Mostly they are what we all expected, but I thought it was interesting that when Gandalf meets the Witch King, EW reports that the Witch King is able to break Gandalf’s staff. Here’s what I remember:

  • Gandalf vs. Saruman
  • Gandalf vs. Witch King
  • Aragorn vs. The Mouth of Sauron
  • Houses of Healing
  • Merry becomes Theoden’s Squire

There were about 3 other items listed. There may be errors in the list as I found significant errors in the reporting and description of the plots of the three films (the most egregious was the comment that Frodo sails away to enjoy immortality… I guess for the non-reader this could be a logical mistake, but you assume that a journalist would at least have done a little

I also noticed last night watching some of the extras on the ROTK DVD that there were many scenes/camera shots that were not in the theatrical version at all including a scene where Aragorn is “tending” to a prostrate Eowyn on a chaise in what appears to be the Golden Hall (as opposed to Minas Tirith and the Houses of Healing… perhaps this was cut from The Two Towers?)… and a much more indepth look at the armies of Sauron moving towards Udun to meet the Captains of the West (though the documentary is talking about these armies approaching Minas Tirith). Of course, several time I saw the shot of Merry bowing before Theoden (which we have all seen in the trailers) and Theoden’s actual response line of “And I am glad to accept it” to Merry’s offer of service… If that one doesn’t make it into the EE, I’ll be writing a personal letter to Dominic Monaghan telling him that he was robbed, no matter how good the rest of it is… There was another one of Aragorn looking down and crying about somebody on the battle field (as well as the shot of Eomer holding somebody, probably Eowyn, in his arms and crying, which again we have all seen).

Would be interested to hear what other camera shots I missed that other Ringers have found that may show up later in the year (and it better BE this year, too!!!)