It’s here! After months of waiting, Ringers finally have the ROTK DVD in our hot little hands. At last, the whole trilogy can be watched all at once!

What is your reaction to ROTK after all this time? Still the “greatest movie ever!” or “a total disaster” or have your feelings mellowed over time? Does ROTK deserve to be one of the most Oscar winning films of all time? And how about those special features? Is it worth buying the theatrical release as well as the extended edition? What things to do you notice when watching all three movies together? Join us in The Hall of Fire as we explore these and other issues surrounding the release of “The Return of the King” on DVD.

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June 5-6, 2004: The Hobbit – Chapter 9
June 12-13, 2004: : Galadriel/Nerwen Artanis: The Lady of the Golden Wood and Ring-bearer

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