TORn Staffer Asfaloth writes:

Dom signs an autograph.

When we arrived at the new Best Buy in West Hollywood last night the line was already down the block. Nothing new for ‘Rings events. Ringers seem to almost enjoy lining up! But the promised autograph session with Dominic Monaghan was just too good an event to pass up. The folks at Best Buy told me that they handed out 486 numbered wristbands. People started to line up at 1pm for the 10:30pm signing. Ringers traveled from as far as Germany, Florida, Las Vegas and Orange County to meet Dom in person. At midnight they were to re-open the doors of the store and sell DVDs of the theatrical version of “The Return of the King.”

The atmosphere was festive. We saw a lot of familiar faces. It was a little sad because we’ve befriended so many people through the course of covering LOTR events for TORn and “Ringers.” And we knew that this would be one of the last events for a while at least.

Dominic seemed genuinely pleased and touched by the outpouring of support from the very well behaved and orderly crowd. Dom signed anything and everything that was presented to him. The folks at New Line gave everyone a nice glossy picture of Dom in Rohan armor. Best Buy was giving away goodie bags with a free LOTR t-shirt, ROTK poster and two pins. There was lots of picture taking and hugs all around. The generous Ringers showered Dom with little gifts such as: a hand knitted scarf, a painting of Merry in Rohan armor, a stuffed monkey, homemade buttons (badges for the UK crowd), and Merry and Pippin Mickey Mouse ears. (Dom promised to give the other set to Billy). Dom spoke on the phone to someone’s friend who couldn’t make it, and signed someone else’s birthday card. And yes, someone gave him a black rubber ducky with little devil horns and sharp pointy teeth.

By midnight the line wasn’t even halfway finished. By 1:00 am there were still over a hundred people outside waiting. And shortly after 1:15 am the New Line representative declared the signing “closed” and hustled Dom out of the building. There were a lot of disappointed fans, but it was terribly late. Best Buy remained open to sell some of their 4,000 copies of the ROTK DVD.