Dominic Monaghan Signing in LA
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Hurricane Kailin writes: Here are some pics from the Dom Signing at the Best Buy in West Hollywood that occured just an hour or so ago. It’s just some basic shots of fans getting things signed with Dom, but if you look closely at the first pic, you’ll notice the Ringers crew, Tan Pants included,
filming the event.

As for a review, I’ll be short and brief. I got there around 7:15pm, and the line was only about 75 people long. I did get together with some friends a little further up, so I ended up number 46 and the number wristbands were handed out. Chatted with friends, grabbed a bite to eat around 9:30pm, and chatted some more. A local radio station appeared and had some drawings and trivia contests for prizes, and the atmosphere was nice and cozy, even as the line grew to over 400 by the time Dom showed up.

The staff of the new Best Buy were quite stellar, this is the first time in a long while I can say I had no real issues with a store. They created a friendly atmosphere from the beginning, and seemed to have a game plan all worked out and ready to go from the start. As soon as Dom was there and the press interviews were done, the line moved at a decent pace, but not so fast that you were worried you’d be rushed through. Once inside, the wait was only a few minutes long. Dom signed cheerily, and took the time to look up and chat with fans rather than just sign and move on to the next. Always a nice thing, friendly actors. I was rather bummed that I’d completely forgotten to congratulate him on his new series, Lost, but I’m sure a few people in line would have done so.

All in all, it was a nice evening hanging with friends, seeing Dom, and getting the little goodie bag with 2 ROTK buttons, a light up ring, a ROTK T-shirt and a nice ROTK DVD poster announcing the 11 Oscar wins.

Thanks to the folks at for some extra pics!