Cybersyd writes: I went to see ‘Troy’ at the weekend. Here in the UK, many films are preceded in the cinemas by ads from the mobile phone company Orange. One such range of ads warns ‘don’t let a mobile phone ruin your movie.’

One of these ads has already been floating around, featuring Spike Lee – but who should appear in the latest Orange ad but the very lovely Sean Astin!

Sean was trying to sell his movie, a ‘romantic comedy’ set in New York, to a group of Orange executives. The Orange men seemed keen on the idea, but were anxious to swap New York for Middle Earth, and instead of making a romantic comedy, they opted for ‘Lord of the Rings 4!”, set in the future, all about mobile phones. Pissed at their attitude, Sean slips off his chair and storms off – only to reveal his ‘real’ height, about four foot!

Very funny. Made the whole audience giggle, anyway (and gave us more entertainment than Troy, strangely…)