How many of us around the globe wanted to be in, or even part of, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies? How many of us were actually in them? This funny, quirky short film is about exactly that: a few average Joes – ok, maybe not so average Joes—who heard about the films, got off their duffs and out of their garage, went hunting for the Man himself, and actually made it into the movies.

From the first scene, in which our principal actors, Peter Tait (Shagrat in TTT), Paul Glover & Ian Hughes (Irolas in RotK) hear about Jackson’s LotR movie enterprise on a car stereo rigged up in a cardboard box, to the last line, “Swap!” Bogans is just plain fun. It’s a raucous tale of a road trip to find cash, fame, and PJ. Those of you who must have everything LotR-movie related can’t live without this in your collection, even though it’s not for young children or the more conservative viewer (parents are STRONGLY advised to preview this movie before purchasing for youth as it contains plenty of lawbreaking, hooliganisms (boganisms??) & orcish language).

If you’re hungry for more Middle-earth, don’t buy Bogans. But if you’re craving more NZ LotR-themed film footage, want to see what some real Kiwis look like, sound like, and (gasp!) possibly act like (well, some of them anyway…), then Bogans is for you.

Who needs money? Who needs a car battery? Who needs lettuce on their hamburgers? Who needs books (“There’s nothing wrong with ‘em!”)? Heck, who needs a cell phone? You’ll find answers to these and more in Bogans. If you value a set of 1950’s hardback LotR over a bottle of Jack Daniels, then spend your pence elsewhere, but if you want one more taste of New Zealand (and there are some nice landscape shots) with that LotR-influenced flavor, Bogans might just make your day. I know it made mine!

You can learn more about what bogans are, who made this film, and even get your copy right here: Bogans website. Enjoy!