Relationships in Tolkien:
Frodo and Sam, Turin and Beleg, Aldarion and Erendis, Cirion and Eorl, Gondor and Rohan, Feanor and his Silmarils, Melkor and Manwe, Gollum and the Ring. Which relationships expresses the epitome of love, loyalty and sacrifice? And which, the epitome of jeaolousy, hate and obsession?

Some of the most interesting elements of Tolkien’s works are the complex relationships between his characters. Some relationships express nearly a biblical purity and love while others tragically demonstrate the opposites of hate, jealousy, obsession and revenge. And are all Tolkien’s fascinating relationships between people, or are the most fascinating ones between his characters and objects? What are some of the most common attributes in Tolkien’s famous relationships? Do these attributes increase or decrease the realistic quality in Tolkien’s works?

Come join us this weekend in #halloffire as we discuss the light and dark within some of the most famous and infamous relationships in Tolkien.

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