TolCon 2004


It was such an honour to meet Jasmine Watson, jewelry artist for the LotR movies, and hear her talk about her pieces for the movies and her experience there. It was also very cool to hear Greg Tozer from WETA tell us his anecdotes about the WETA folks and the actors during the filming. All the other panels I attended were interesting and well presented – I thought the ConCom did a great job, and will definitely go to this con next year!

Attached is a picture of me with Greg Tozer from WETA.


Johanna Washington

TolCon was an amazing experience and I have to attribute much of that to our amazing Guests of Honor. Greg Tozer was an absolute gem. If any of you went to ComiCon last year, he spoke for Weta. He was so happy to hear we were a small con and enjoyed his time so much with us and mingling with the guests that he donated his autograph fees to our charity, People for Puget Sound. He is honestly one of the kindest, generous-of-spirit persons I have had the privilege to know. Weta gave us a wonderful gift when they asked Greg to join us for TolCon.

Jasmine Watson brought grace to the con (and Jewelry!) Her grace is reflected in her jewelry…absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t have the opportunity to see either her or Greg’s presentations (such is the life of the Hotel Liaison) but from the rave reviews I heard about them, they were impressive. Greg brought samples from the Weta workshop of feet, ears, orc armor, etc. and Jasmine had a lovely power point presentation highlighting the jewelry she’s created for various productions throughout the years.

We were also honored to have Luke Ski, who sings parody songs similar to Weird Al, which focus on Fanboys, but has a particular song which earned him and his wife a free trip to Seattle, “Stealing like a hobbit” to the tune of Em and Em’s, “Cleaning Out my Closet.” Absolutely hysterical. As well as “KeanuMan” to the song “Piano Man.”

People seemed to enjoy the wide array of programming we had ranging from language classes and costuming to gardening in Middle Earth and cake decorating, and also including special events such as, “Who Drank My Half-Pint, a Hobbit’s Guide to Beer Sampling” and our TolFilm fanfilm festival. Raining Men is still the “raining” (harhar)champion.

What was most astounding, however were the items we received for the silent auction for People for Puget Sound. Viggo’s generosity was overwhelming, with 2 signed books (Miyelo and The Horse is Good) and 3 signed photographs. Weta sent a bust of Gandalf signed by Richard Taylor and the sculpturist. And 3ft6 sent (get ready for a new pair of shorts) Elijah Wood! (Just kidding…haha..ha..ahem) But I literally did need a new pair of shorts…they sent an Art of the Two towers SIGNED by the entire fellowship! AND two (2) two towers shirts with gollum embroidered on them…AND (and this is where I changed my shorts) a Fellowship poster signed by nearly every major actor in LOTR and Peter, Fran, and Philipa. The poster still had tapemarks on it…3ft6 had taken it off their walls and sent it to us.*cries* Among other items donated for the auction, we were able to gather over $1700 for People for Puget Sound.

Greg gives TolCon 5 stars and two thumbs up and told us he’d have to fight to get to go to TolCon again because everyone will want to take a turn with the ladies of TolCon. Almost every picture Greg has with us, he’s surrounded by women because we have 3 members of a 20 person Convention Committee that are men. The rest of us are proud Tolkien women.

So that’s a bit of my report. I’m looking forward to TolCon 2005. I hope I get to see more of you there next year!

Johanna Washington
Hotel and Guest Liaison
NW Tolkien Society