LOTR Exhibition in Singapore Report
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Stepper writes:

Thought you’d like to see some photos of what must be one of the youngest Ringers, my son Max (b. July 2003) who has now been to ‘Edoras’ and the LOTR exhibition in Singapore. (These are photos he is going to be very upset about when he is a teenager!!)

We are expatriate Kiwis living in HK, so at Christmastime, whilst back in NZ we went up to Mt Sunday with him – He is 5 months old in the first shot (my husband is carrying him). The river behind us was too deep to cross at that time with a baby attached, so we couldn’t go up onto the mount. However we did see other people getting across – you are allowed to go there without a tour provided you respect the ‘gates and cattle’ rules on the land. (This is from a CD scan of a negative so quality may not be great)

Last weekend we flew to Singapore to see the Te Papa/New Line exhibition at the Science Centre. I’ve included a shot from outside the science centre – there were also similar banners attached to lamposts advertising the exhibition all over the main tourist areas including hundreds down Orchard Rd. The last photo is of myself and Max outside the exhibit entrance.

It is an amazing exhibition!! I know it is going on to Boston, London and Sydney and it is definitely well worth any effort expended to see it. You cannot take photos or video inside, and I don’t want to spoil all the surprises if you are planning to attend and have not read other reports but I will just quickly describe some of what you can see.

You walk in to an incredibly atmospheric room with spot-lit exhibits and noise from the films all around you (from all the video replays that are in each section). There are details in the exhibits that you would never spot on film e.g the faded embroidery in the ringwraith’s costumes. All the costumes are beautifully done. The armour is spectacular and you can feel examples of the chainmail and the swords in one section.

The videos are mainly footage from the extended DVDs – I didn’t get to see a lot of those with the time restrictions that a baby gives you, but it looks like some of it will be items for the ROTK DVD e.g. the Shelob section.

Also there are lots of paintings from Alan Lee and John Howe (and others) including the originals of the two limited editions currently on sale at the Weta store.

Plus they have a section where they take photos of yourself and family/friends as though you are hobbit and wizard size, sitting on a replica of Gandalf’s cart and adding in backgrounds of the shire! My husband, who teaches visual perception, was particularly excited by this!

The exhibition is in Singapore until June 4th.