Courtney writes: I just got home from seeing the world premier of “The One-Man Lord of the Rings Trilogy,” at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island (Vancouver, BC), and thought my fellow Ringers might be interested in a report.

The actor who was performing was Charles Ross, best known for his one-man Star Wars show. All I can say is that it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. He did all the characters, special effects, and music himself. The voices he did for all the characters were spot-on (especially wonderful were his Samwise and his Denethor); and he worked the most clever jokes in (“Saurman: Do you know how the orcs were first brought into being? Read ‘The Silmarillion’!”). At the end, everyone cheered like mad and gave him a standing ovation.

He’s performing one more show of the LOTR Trilogy on the 13th; he will do several more shows of the Star Wars Trilogy. I got my tickets off; only slight service charges! I strongly recommend to everyone in the Vancouver area that they go. He said he would be performing the LOTR show again at the Vancouver Fringe Festival (which I think might be in early June), so if anyone misses him this time around he’ll be back soon.