Merry in Oz and Thaliswen write: We went to the Supanova Expo on Sunday and had a great time!

We were lurking around the WETA booth when Richard Taylor arrived with his suitcases. He had a Rohan helmet, Gordorian breastplate, Pippin’s feet, a Hobbit stage double ears, an orc face and leg prosthetics–very cool! He gave us a WETA publicity pack and Eye of Sauron pin (I think just to give him time to unpack!!) and was incredibly friendly and chatty. Poor guy–I don’t think he stopped talking or signing autographs for over 2 hours! He was unassuming and relaxed and made a point of taking ‘funny’ photos with anyone who asked!

We also had a chat to partner Tanya and son Sam as they went off to explore Sydney. She mentioned how overwhelming and glamourous it was at the Academy Awards.

John Noble was great–very responsive to the crowd and thoughtful in his answers. He praised David Wenham and seemed very excited about the extended ROTK DVD which he has seen. It was lovely how he credited Billy Boyd’s song with being the most moving part of the filming.

Richard Taylor gave away more of his WETA goodies at the Q & A time. I always wondered how they kept on keeping on during the long shoot, but seeing him–he seemed tireless.

Stephen Ure was bubbly and keen to share his LOTR stories. Poor guy had the 4pm time slot, but was still enthusiatic. He gave his “What about their legs? They don’t need them’ line which was great. He also admitted to NOT having watched the extended DVD of TTT, but said he would! We will have to ask him if he kept his promise when we see him in Canberra!

We are getting addicted to these conventions!!