Our good friend Rebecca writes: I was a guest last night for the screening of a new Australian film called ‘Gettin’ Square’ with David Wenham at the Harmony Gold Theatre. The criminal underworld story is set in the Gold Coast of Australia and it is in the same style of ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and ‘Snatch’. David plays heroin junkie Johnny ‘Spit’ Spitieri, a hopeless criminal set on setting his life straight along with his friend Barry Wirsh, played by Sam Worthington. Johnny, with his greasy mullet hairdo, has a penchant for tight blue nylon shorts and flip flops. The courtroom scene where he is cross examined by the prosecutor is hilarious!

The Q & A afterwards included David, the director Jonathan Teplitzky, and the writer, Chris Nyst who himself is a criminal barrister. Most of the questions were directed towards the director and writer, but David was asked a few questions:

On accepting the role of Johnny he said ” I picked the role of Johhny because I saw the potential to create something memorable’. On the courtroom scene, which they did not rehearse beforehand, he responded ‘We did absolultely no rehearsal on this scene, we just let the surprise occur on the day”. He went on to say he was taking a much needed holiday back in Australia as he just finished three Australian projects back to back.

The movie was filmed before he got on board with LOTR and Van Helsing and no questions were asked about either of these films. Afterwards I got to chat with him a little more about ‘The Boys’ – my favorite of his roles, and being in producer mode, I headed straight to the director and producers to talk about filming. Sorry no cameras were allowed in the theatre although a few people took pictures in the lobby with David on their picture phones;) The organizers (Aus Trade Commission) did get a group shot for their website, so as soon as it is updated I can send you a link.

I am not sure if this film will be getting a wide release distribution deal, so I guess just keep your eyes open in case it ends up at arthouse theatre.