Anna Slack writing On Behalf of the Cambridge Tolkien Society sends this in: Just a quick email on behalf of the Events Committee of the Cambridge Tolkien Society (UK), to alert you to a project we’ll be running soon, for which we’d love to garner some support from fans worldwide, if that’s okay!

On Saturday 19th June, 2004, members of the Cambridge Tolkien Society will be performing a continuous 13-hour read-through of the BBC’s excellent radio adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, in Borders Cambridge, with the kind permission of Brian Sibley, Michael Bakewell, and the Tolkien Estate.

This is a charity event, and every penny that we raise will be going to the National Trust, to help in projects such as the Snowdonia and Coastline appeals. We’ll be joined on the day by Brian Sibley, and possibly Michael Bakewell!

We’ve just posted a website up with more information on it (, and it would be great if you could put us up as an announcement on the news part of TOR.n.

Many thanks!

Anna Slack
Keeper of the Book of Westmarch
On Behalf of the Cambridge Tolkien Society