Ringer staffer Garfiemao reminds us of the latest release from Master Replicas:

Dear Collectible Enthusiast,

Now you can join Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf and the brave Fellowship on their quest to end the reign of Sauron with The Lord of the Rings Collection by Master Replicas.

The legend truly comes to life with our exciting selection of limited edition, electronic collectibles: Sting, Sauron One Ring, Light of Earendil, and the Staff of Gandalf the White. Each replica simulates the special effects seen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy so that you can re-experience the legend in all of its glory.

Available on April 30!

Sting Sword, FX Collectible
When you wield Frodo’s trusty weapon, you’ll know when Orcs are near because the sword glows blue! Not only that, but you’ll experience the clash and clang of battle with digitally recorded sound effects controlled by a motion sensor inside the replica. The die-cast metal handle has a wood-grain pattern and silver leaf filigree accents. Limited quantities available – $119

Sauron One Ring
Watch in awe and horror as the Elvish script on The One Ring, still encircling Sauron’s armor-clad severed finger, emits its sinister red glow. Limited Edition: Only 2,500 available worldwide – $199

Light of Earendil
You’ll never be in the dark again! This replica of the elegant Light of Earendil will shine “when all other lights go out.” Limited Edition: Only 2,500 available worldwide – $149

Gandalf the White Staff
Now you can behold the power of the staff of Gandalf the White. The ornately carved crown emanates a mystical white glow as a reminder of its magical powers. Limited Edition: Only 2,500 available worldwide – $299

Feed your imagination and your hunger for adventure with Master Replicas‘ newest line of electronic collectibles from The Lord of the Rings!

Your Source for Quality Collectibles, Master Replicas

Check out their website at http://www.masterreplicas.com